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Minute Menu for Child Care Programs

Minute Menu offers business management software for all aspects of the child care food program and for the child care markets. Since 1993, Minute Menu has been providing quality, money-saving child care software solutions for USDA food program sponsors and child care providers. Minute Menu is free for child care programs sponsored by the Child Care Resource Center!

Minute Menu CX is the premier CACFP management software for child care centers participating in the USDA Food Program. Current Clients report an overall increase in reimbursements by automating their food program record-keeping, using Minute Menu CX. With Minute Menu CX, you can:

Minute Menu KidsKare (for family child care homes)

Minute Menu is Now KidKare!
Minute Menu software has now been upgraded so it is accessible with any internet connection: Mac, any modern mobile phone or tablet, laptop, and Kindle Fire. This comes as good news for the many Mac users (myself included) who have wanted easy access to Minute Menu.  With this upgrade, Minute Menu is now known as KidKare. With the new accessibility, the old Kids2Go app is now gone.

Improved Attendance Tracking
KidKare now allows providers to track the actual time a child arrives and departs by clicking a single button. If the parent signs out the child, the provider can later push a button that will record the exact time the child left. This new feature will be important in helping providers more accurately track attendance hours when calculating their Time-Space percentage.  Other new features include: new design that is easier to use, ability to track any number of in and out times for one child in a day, and more.

When Will Providers be Able to Use KidKare?
The CCRC CACFP members will be transitioned throughout the next year.  We will begin with 5 providers to PILOT the transition so we can work out any kinks in the process.  After that we will be transitioning members in groups to ensure a successful transition.   In January 2017, we will release the CCRC plan for the year.  Members will know what month their program will be transitioned to Kid Kare.  We are also encouraging members to watch the Kid Kare videos and sign up for webinars to make yourself familiar with the transition and how the tool operates. 

Since all of our members are now utilizing the online version of minute menu we are confident that this transition will be a smooth one.  Here is the link to the online training videos that Minute Menu has created. CCRC Members can watch at their own pace or register for a live session with one of the Minute Menu team. This is actually a ‘Minute Menu’ site: http://www.training.minutemenu.com/hx-training/kidkare-training.aspx

For any additional information please feel free to contact Terri Sluss-Cole at 440-242-0413 ext. 230 or Cathy Richards.