What Parents Need To Know

Child Care Types

Do You Need Help Paying for Child Care?

Child care is often a family's biggest expense after housing, food and taxes. Juggling child care costs and a parent's earnings can be especially challenging for low income families who need child care in order to go to work, while at the same time need to use some of the money they earn to pay for care.

Contact the CCRC’s Parent Services Specialist. We can connect you to resources you need to find financial assistance and financial aid for child care. Funds are available to eligible families through county subsidy programs, scholarship programs and grant funded projects in North Central Ohio. There is no shame in using these public supports and we can assist you in applying or plugging into these resources. Contact the CCRC at 440-242-0413 ext. 229 today for more information.

To apply for  county subsidy, please call the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in the county where you live.

Child Care Licensing

Ohio Child Care Licensing sets minimum standards for:

Information about licensed programs can be found at the Ohio  Department of Job and Family Services website at www.odjfs.state.oh.us
You can also see past inspection reports for all licensed child care programs in the State of Ohio.  The reports will show non-compliance and Serious Risk Rule non-compliance - These are issues that you should pay close attention to when choosing quality care for your child.
Serious Risk Rule Violations will show up on the report in RED.